Creative thinker and visual communicator

Print Collateral

To create a suite of templates that will allow a designer to generate collateral easily and quickly when required.
Different bits have different purposes, depending on who it’s for, but overall, the collateral is meant to tell world what FutureLearn is and how great it is. 

Concept Name - “FutureLearn Ideas”
We show that FutureLearn is full of smart ideas - whether you’re a teacher, a student, a professional, a doctor or just someone interested in learning, FutureLearn has an idea that could help you. We show this using a lightbulb device coupled with smart images and bold statement headlines. 

We turned the collateral into not just a set of leaflets and posters, but a resource for people, something they actually want to keep. It’s a bank of ideas. Every piece offers something new and interesting: helping out the reader, promoting FutureLearn courses and building FutureLearn as a brand - showing we have options and useful ideas about learning. 

FL Collateral - Teachers 28.jpg
FL Collateral - Teachers 26.jpg
Healthcare Collateral.jpg