Creative thinker and visual communicator


Romina’s Creative Moodboard

Personal Project - Handmade - Drawing and Styling

This summer I’ve started a personal project, to make a good use of old clothes and bring them back to life.


Design Everyday

I am currently working with a few clients on re-branding projects and this is an example of the visual styling.


Concept Generation


Digital Sketch - Storyboard - Draft Mockup and Ideation

Boundles B.jpg
Duvet C.jpg
Pillows - B .jpg
IMG_1735 copy.jpg

Zed Rooms by Simba - Branding

Now the Zed Rooms site is life

It was pleasure to be part of the SimbaSleep Design Team and to design the Zed Rooms Branding.
Here is the example of how I began the project. Sketching and experimenting with different lines and shapes. The idea behind the curved ZED was to visualise the sleeping wave into a dynamic and interactive logo mark.

However this image is an example of how I started the project. The shape evolved and changed into a bolder strait logo mark, which communicate better the idea behind the Zed rooms. The aim is to communicate the sleep in literal way.




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