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What a Marketing Visual Designer Does.

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In this post Romina, a Marketing Designer at FutureLearn, shares more about her role by looking at 5 objects that represent it, similar to how Lucy and Dereck have done before.


1. Telescope — Seeing the wider world

The telescope allows you to see far into the distance, seeing the scale of the universe. Being able to see as much as possible and understand a wider view is really important for a designer. Finding different ways to see the world allows us to solve problems from creative perspectives. Traditional artists would do this by turning the canvas upside down and if everything still looked balanced then they knew they were going in the right direction.

When you work on a project the key thing is to understand what the problem is, and to find inspiration that will lead to a design find inspiration by turning my designs and thoughts upside down; and zooming in and out to keep my perspective.

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2. Drawing compass — Creating structure

A “drawing compass” creates a perfect measured circle around which you can position guidelines and when you set up the correct millimetres all the lines come together in the right place. The compass represents the rules designers use to produce a final design, the drawn line is like journey to the final design.

In the real world the drawing compass gives you the overall structure, showing you the rules you have to follow, but being a designer you can always expand the ratio of the compass and push the boundaries, by trying to be innovative.

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3. Folding bike — Being adaptable

The folding bike is a powerful tool that helps you to move easily and quickly from A to B. Sometimes you have to open the bike and ride fast, and other times you have to stop riding, fold it back up, and change direction. As a designer I often move flexibly from one project to another. Just like the folding bike, I need to be adaptable.


4. Lego — Collaborate and play

The reason I chose Lego is because it represents the collaborative environment at FutureLearn. Even though we all have busy schedules, each designer is happy to get involved in building interesting things — just like adding Lego blocks.

In the design team we all create different pieces that fit together and inform FutureLearn.

Toddler walking harness.jpg

5. Toddler walking harness — Overcome challenges together

The toddler walking harness symbolises the direction and the help that your parents give you to enable you to walk safely. People often feel scared to try something new, in case they don’t have the support. But if we face challenges together, we become less fearful.

At FutureLearn we bring people together to help them to learn from each other. As a designer I believe it’s important to design for people’s needs, and to encourage them to take action by making them aware of all the possibilities and perspectives.

Romina Nikolova