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Hand drawn illustration on fabric - jacket  

Jacket 4.jpg

Hand drawn illustration on fabric - jacket  

Sharing some of my hobbies. 

I believe the bast way to escape from reality and to rest your brain from design solutions is to draw. Since I was small I used to draw on everything. I love exploring and experimenting. When I was very young my dream was to become a fashion designer, but apparently when I grow I found other design field, so I left this motivations on the side and decided to study something more practical. Now days I still do some creative explorations. And this is one of them.

When I cleaned my wardrobe I found this very old green jacket, I was about to throw away. But I've decided to make a good use of it and to boost my creativity, by using my old drawing skills. It took me a few weekends spending a 2-3 hours and here is the end result. The idea was to create something abstract. Illustration that gives you an inspiration with dynamic geometric shapes.